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We are a Motion graphic production company that offers complete services packages for the creation of graphics used for film and video production; an example will be the opening sequence or animated logo of various production studios involved in a movie. Motion graphics are a great way to communicate with viewers, your customers, etc. as they are visually enticing and interesting. You do not need to have the computer savvy flair to produce them yourself as it is easy to hire a motion graphic designer to do it for you.

We handle both 2D and 3D motion graphics design services. Both kinds can help you communicate with your audience through a more interesting, engaging way and of course if your budget allows we will strongly recommend you go for the more realistic 3D motion graphics design service.

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2D Motion Graphics Design

The 2D motion graphics design starts with the stage of developing your story through story boarding; at this stage, characters in your story are born alongside with its background settings, dialog scripting & captioning. Once we gain the approval to go ahead, our designer commences work to create the graphics and 2D animations, record a voice over if it is needed. Once they complete the motion graphic design, it will be sent to you for approval.

3D Motion Graphics Design

Motion graphic design process for 3D is more complex; beyond approval of the storyboard and scripting, our designer will go through three primary phases to create the graphic. First, they will create the 3D model using computer software that aids the creation of 3D figures. Then they will layout the different objects and characters to fit the scenes and add the animation. Finally, they will go through a process of rendering that combines all the scenes, characters, and clips into the final outcome.

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