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The work of a 3D animator consists in bringing movement to inanimate digital objects. Whether this means the characters of the next big name animated kid’s film, the 3D logo of a game company or a digital render in a car’s advertisement. Nowadays 3D animation is everywhere, and the advent of more affordable animation programs has led to more people learning the trade.

Why hire our animators?

So the big question is, why should you hire one for your company? Let’s take at 5 big reasons to completely turn you over to the world of 3D animation:
3D Animators For Hire_eye catching iconIt gives your company original and eye-catching content. Everybody can present traditional graphs or photos, but a unique render or even an animation? Now that’s something few companies will have access to.
3D Animators For Hire affordable icon It’s usually far more affordable than traditional illustrators. 3D animators can build anything digitally, be it people or buildings. This allows them to excel in many areas and in almost any category of item. Whether you have a construction company or sell dog collars a 3D animator can do it faster and usually better than traditional illustrators.
3D Animators For Hire build brand iconIt helps you build a brand. Logos and mascots are all in a brand. It’s what sticks in the mind of consumers. And a 3D animator can help you with building that image.
3D Animators For Hire extra edge iconIt gives an extra edge in presentations. Being able to portray your projects and ideas in a clear way is key to success. But being able to do so in an engaging and unique way is also as important. And 3D animations might be the extra push your presentations need.
3D Animators For Hire future iconIt largely is the way of the future. Anything can exist digitally, people, buildings, and beyond. This makes 3D animation a technique that can be applied on any business. And it’s rising in demand. Before too very long all companies will likely count with a 3D animator for advertisement or illustration needs. So there’s no reason to fall behind on the curve.


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How to tell if you hire a real professional?

Every frame matters

The amount of movement is different. Both film and animation don’t’ work that differently from a traditional flip book. Frames are the name of the game and the more frames and animation has the better it’ll look and the more time it’ll take. Amateurs usually try to cheat on the amount of frames and that results in animation that is nowhere near as smooth.


Amateur work tends to be rigid. 3D animation is more than taking a model and making it move; in real life both objects and living beings bounce, stretch and flex. This requires a level of knowledge and amateur won’t have, and as a result their animations will look lifeless by comparison.
A huge advantage of hiring a professional 3D animator is that you don’t have to directly add them to the traditional payroll. Since they are offering services first and foremost you can commission them by the hour. Ensuring you get the best quality content at an affordable rate for you.
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There is a large difference between being a professional and being a fan, and amateur work will never reach the level a company like ours can provide. Don’t proscratinate, call us to hire our service!


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