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You may have observed that the number of animations and videos on the internet has exploded. It is because the world has woken up to the importance of animation. As the famous maxim says “A picture paints a thousand words”, right? With that in mind, imagine what 25 picture per second can do? It is no surprise nowadays that animations are one of the most powerful ways to present a brand, a product, or a service to potential clients, stakeholders or business partners. Many companies forget about this newer approach and get stuck in older ways of presenting their services, just to be left behind. By creating unique, engaging, and very esthetic 2D or 3D animations, we equip you with a tool that will enable you to get the best possible results. Nothing grabs attention like moving images, that is a fact.


What kind of Animation is good for Businesses?

So what is an animation and elements of it that make it a successful one? To put it in the simplest form, animation is the art of manipulating still images to make them appear moving. To any animation company, the elements of good animation are story-telling, credibility and connections to viewers’ emotions.

We beg to differ; at MicroLogic Media, we believe a good animation must capture the audience’s attention, hold them spellbound till they watch it to the end. We believe that’s the only way that an animation company is able to help you pass a clear message that will stick with them for a long time.

We highly recommend any business to tap on this trend as it can’t be wrong that more and more businesses are using animations to brand and promote themselves.

Animation Services we offer

Animated Video Production Icon

Video Production

Full fledged Animated Video Production Services from design to sound, motion graphics editing and rendering

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Product Animation Services brings your brand offering to life.

Explainer video production icon

Video Explainer

Explainer Video is great for businesses to market their products/services. Check out our package here.

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Virtual Reality /Augmented Reality

We create immersive experiences by bringing you into the animation world we design and engage all your senses.

Animation artist icon

Hire Artist

Are you an agency looking to outsource your animation work? We have artists at various levels to suit your budget.

projection mapping companies icon

Projection Mapping

Have an animation made and projected on objects like a wedding cake or a large building.

Animation company why engage animation services

Why Engage animation Services


Captures attention

Animations grabs attention better; based on a research people are three times more likely to view a video animation than read simple text no matter how short it is. This is definitely true because its always videos that goes viral.


Search Engine Friendly

People are more likely to watch video they require little or no mental stress to watch thus your business will be rewarded with more traffic and improves your site ranking result in marked increase in business.


Its more affordable to produce and you can use it with various marketing platform to be laser targeted. This has a synergestic effect on your business.

We Create Contents Your Audiences Like to Watch

Our Comprehensive range of Animated Video Production Services helps businesses create high quality, entertaining animations that your audiences will want to watch. Having state-of-the-art software and equipment does not guarantee high-quality work, its the team that makes the difference. We are an animation studio that provides one-stop animation services.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our experienced and passionate animation production team can help you create the animation that simply rocks.

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QUALITY Guaranteed

We design high quality animations that you will love.
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We placed heavy emphasis on understanding our clients’ requirements’ so we can deliver exactly what they are looking for.
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Our Team is made up of Animation fanatics thus you can be sure that they complete your project timely and in the most efficient manner.

our testimonials

Animation company testimonial 1

I’ve work with MicroLogic Media on many of our projects and our clients loved it. They deliver what they promised at reasonable rates and its definitely a company to recommend you to work with.

Brenda Wong

Project Manager

Animation company testimonial 2

We’ve engaged MicroLogic Media on some of our internal projects that communicate our Corporate Values and Culture. Their work is amazing and they always meet our deadlines. Great services and we are still working with them. Keep up the great work.


HR Director

Animation company testimonial 3

Amazing work by MicroLogic Media. They are Professional, Witty and Efficient. Get our requirements right every single time and pricing is reasonable too.

Mark Jonas

Brand Manager

Animation company testimonial 4

Amazing work by MicroLogic Media. They have a professional team that is able to understand exactly the brand message we want to convey to our clients and they get it right every single time. Its definitely a company one desire to work with.


Marketing Manager

Animation company testimonial 5

My Company relies on MicroLogic Media to produce motion graphics promotion video for us. They are an awesome team to work with, humble and fun group of people to work with.


Managing Director

Animation company testimonial 6

We are a video production company and there are times where we are running shorthanded for some of our projects. MicroLogic Media have been a great partner, they have highly qualified motion graphic designers that help us complete our projects on time. Highly recommended company to engage.


Production Leader

Animation company testimonial 7

My Company engages MicroLogic Media’s motion graphics artist that works with me on some branding projects. They are professional, they proactively share with us their insights and fresh ideas. They are definitely a great team to work with.


Senior Designer

Animation company testimonial 8

Competent, Professional and Great Services and we are still giving them projects! I highly recommended MicroLogic Media as a company you must work with.


Project Director


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