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Character animation refers to the process of bringing movement and life to a character whether it is in a two-dimensional or three-dimensional setting. It is an essential process in the world of animation and one of the most important and thorough tasks an animator can have. As such character animation services bring with them certain challenges that are unique to the trade. And how well an animator handles it can show just who is an amateur and who is a professional when it comes to the task. In that spirit we’ll list those challenges so you too can tell the difference.


How to Choose Your Character Animator


Character Animation Services motion iconCharacters are really never still. In real life we breathe, move and even bounce in place. A good animator must make sure that just because a character isn’t actively doing something they don’t feel lifeless.


Character Animation Services speed iconSpeed isn’t a constant. Even if you keep your character moving at all times it won’t feel natural if it’s always at the same pace. Different emotions react to different tempos. So a good animator will be able to give each motion its own sense of speed.

Character Animation Services frame iconEvery frame matters. A single second of animation can 24 or more frames. The more an animator adds the smoother the final result will be, but it is time consuming so this is one of the first areas amateurs will try to skip on.


Character Animation Services weight icon

Animation should have weight. Different looks results in different builds and our brains don’t expect a short person and a bodybuilder to move the same. There’s a lot of ways weight influences movement and that has to be accounted for.


Character Animation Services time iconAnimation takes time. While modern technologies greatly help the process and dedicated professional will speed up as time goes; animation does require a lot of dedication, and newcomers to the craft can get swamped very fast.

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How to Choose Your Character Animator?


This applies for any work but a good animator should be communicative, both listening to your needs and expressing their own concerns. Creating a character from scratch takes effort from both parties after all.



Animation takes time, and that’s something that can’t be cheated or avoided. You want someone who can properly schedule themselves and show results regularly; someone really dedicated to the craft.

Character animation is all in all a fascinating process, and bringing life to a character is just an amazing feat. While nowadays modern software like Poser, Autodesk Maya and Crazy Talk Animator have simplified the process to some degree; the truth is that quality animations still take a quality animator. The person behind the project will always be the secret of success, and that’s why you should always aim for a professional in your work.

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