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Motion Graphics Services brings stats, graphs, and otherwise still content to life! Often times, companies have information that just isn’t visually appealing or interesting therefore we provide professional services that will visually enhance whatever kind of project you may be working on in 2D or 3D. What this means is that we can provide a 2D graphic similar to a cartoon; or, we can provide for you a 3D graphic that is very detailed a lifelike.

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 The term “Motion Graphics” is often use interchangeably with “Animations”. To any novice, they are the same, however if you ask any experienced motion design studio, they can tell detail the difference instantly! Animation gives life to inanimate objects by giving them motion while motion graphics helps to add a story to it. Both of them synergies to present a mind-blowing and attention grabbing video that you need for your marketing and advertisement.

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Our Motion Graphics Design Services include story boarding, scripting & design for both 2D & 3D graphics.

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Our production services turns your motion graphics design into reality. Read more on how you can captivate your customers.

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Motion Graphics Types


2D Motion Graphics

They are produced using software like Adobe After Effects. It takes the work of a designer, artist, and editor to create a 2D motion graphic.

While it is not as complex as a 3D motion graphics to create, it takes the creators time, knowledge of software, and creativity to create a fun and interesting 2D graphic that will illuminate and enhance whatever information you are wanting to make more interesting and comprehensible.

3D Motion Graphics

Produced with software like Maya and 3D Studio Max, the scope of time it takes to produce a 60-90 seconds 3D motion graphic  can take up to 6 weeks. This is because the process requires a bigger team of designers and artists, asthere are more details and other factors to be put into the graphics. It takes the work of an editor, designer, artist, and project manager to complete a 3D motion graphic.

Our Expertise

We possess many years of experiences producing countless outstanding Motion Graphics for famous brands both in Singapore and Hong Kong like Ocean Park Hong Kong, Macau Studio City, Disney, OSIM, Ben & Jerry, Citibank and more, therefore, we are definitely your top choice when you need professional Motion Graphics Services.

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So, if you are in need of a way to excite your audience and entertain them while informing them, or you are interested in being part of a team that creates moving and exciting content for people; contact us to see what services we can offer you.


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