Explainer video production Company

Explainer Video Production Company

Are you are feeling exhausted having to repeat the same thing over and over again, trying to impress your customer with what your brand can do and get a so-so result? Have you thought of promoting your brand or services to your potential customers using a video? And if that is the case, what kind of video is popular for such purpose?

We have a solution-Explainer Video

Explainer Video are videos that explain your business benefits and offerings in a fun and engaging manner. Also explainer videos are great for illustrating how a certain process work and you can even use it to illustrate how your client gain gradually when they adopting your business offerings. With an Explainer video, it automates the process of you explaining your brand messages to your customers and more people. Explainer video usually manifest as the following forms:

2D Animated Explainer Video

Hand-drawn animations that might include a small color palette. A popular kind of animation as it’s a more affordable kind.

3D animated explainer video

Include special effects and software to help viewers visualize idea which appears surreal. It help explain the content more engagingly and memorably.

Whiteboard Animated Explainer Video

Executed with a marker on a whiteboard. it might include a cohesive and fluid narrative. There are black and white and colored versions available. Also another popular form of Animated Explainer Video as its affordable to produce.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

It Automates

With an explainer video, it helps save you lots of time and effort trying to explain to your potential client about your products and services. Imagine doing that like ten times every day.

It Explains Better

By engaging various senses of your viewers, a good explainer video can convince them your business offerings and most importantly, it turns boring facts into something they want to watch.

Its Versatile

As the preferred medium by Search Engines and Social Media, you can use an explainer video on your website, social media, kiosk, or even promote your brand.

To Conclude

An explainer video is definitely your best investment as it automates, engages and promotes your brand better. Most importantly of all, its affordable for your business to have one created.

Benefits of engaging us

Reach Out to your clients

Don’t be left out of business by being left out of this fast growing trend. More and more businesses are requesting us to make them an explainer video and enjoy success like they do. Moreover, it’s an investment which means you will be surprised by how your returns outweighs your investments.

It's Affordable

You don’t require deep pocket to be able to have your very own explainer video produced. For as low as $900 USD, have a professionally made explainer video made to promote your business.

We Possess the Know-How

Getting the right person to do the job equates to half the success. Creating a video and creating a video that can sell require more than just mere video production skills and our team is made up of those that possess this competency.


One-Stop Service

We are a explainer video production company, based in Singapore, that possess the most comprehensive range of service. Just engage our service and have your desired explainer video done up. No Frills!


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