Motion Graphics In Branding

Branding and Marketing Relationship

Branding and marketing always go hand-in-hand; they keep evolving. Now, motion graphics in branding and marketing is the new trend. As a matter of fact, if you have any idea of the advantages of motion graphics in branding, you will also agree that the trend has come to stay.

Motion graphics catch people’s attention more than the biggest still image because it moves. It is no longer new that people are more likely to view animation videos than reading the text. In fact, chances are high that you, as you are reading this text, will prefer to get the message herein in video format and that is the beauty of animations. Motion Graphics in Branding elicits emotions; explaining why people need your products or services will not sway them when they watch it as a video. This is probably because video animations add credibility and life to your brand story. This is why

It’s Benefits

Catches Attention

People view animations more because they are more entertaining. Some smart brands include a little bit of humor in their animation so that people will watch it over and over again and also share it. You can also emulate that.


Your animations are more likely to be shared.  When this happens it boosts your popularity, reinforces your brand, and projects you as a premium brand.

Improves Website Ranking

Your video animation is more likely to bring your website to the rank higher when a relevant keyword is searched because Google simply loves video animations and ranks pages that have them better.

Power of Motion Graphics

YouTube is rapidly becoming one of the most popular and most visited websites in the world. You must have seen people watch movies and weep even though they know that it is not real. That is the power that motion graphics wields. With Internet video taking away eyeballs from conventional television screens, why not tap on a more directed and affordable approach to communicate your brand messages.


Considering the fact that many brands are already using motion graphics in branding, it may be a little expensive but not adopting it will cost you more in lost sales opportunities. Call us now to make enquiries.

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