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Animation, to put it in the simplest form, is the art of manipulating still images to make them appear to be moving. Motion graphics are pieces of either animation or digital footages put together with the illusion of different kinds of motions combined with some audio. Here is the difference between animation and motion graphics; animation gives life (motion) to inanimate objects while motion graphics helps to add a story to it. Both of them synergize to present a mind-blowing and attention-grabbing video that you need for your marketing and advertisement. You must have observed that the number of animations and videos on the internet has increased. It is because the world has woken up to the importance of animation and motion graphics. So, it is important that you understand the nitty-gritty of it all so that you can adopt it too.



People love stories thus a good animation is the one that tells a story that catches the audience’ attention, holds them spellbound until they view it to the end.


It conveys a clear message that will stick with your audiences for a long time.



It emphasizes the audience’s plight so they feel compelled to watch it.


Which is more complex?

Motion Graphics Animations is more complex than animation; besides the raw animations and digital footages, they depend on other add-on elements like audio, effects, and transitions which are instrumental in attracting and retaining viewers’attention all through the clip. Though you don’t have to use all of them in every animation or motion graphics project. The reality is that the interrelationship between motion graphics and animation makes people use them interchangeably but they are, in fact, different. Here is the difference between animation and motion graphics. Animation gives life (motion) to inanimate objects while motion graphics helps to add a story to it.

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The technology behind motion graphics advances continuously and some of the latest trends in the industry are Digital Surrealism, Isometric Design, Big and Bold Typography, Combination of 2D with 3D, Liquid Motion, Seamless Transitions, Broken Text, and Kinetic Typography.

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