Junior Motion Graphics Designer

Looking for a Junior MOTION GRAPHICS Designer?

Need extra help in a particular project that demands resources more from your own agency? Based on how our agency operates, our motion graphics designers put together shapes, illustrations, animations, visual effects, and motion graphics design to form a great animated video. They take decisions on iconography, positioning, and font choices. They could also create initial storyboards.  They can handle the job of a character designer since they are proficient in 3D modeling and in computer graphics.

Our motion graphics designers and all other animation specialists pay attention to small details. This quality is important for our industry.

Tasks they handle


We create animations for architectural, medical, TV and film companies, and in many other industries.


Our designers can also play the role of a 3D artist by combining film and computer technologies to create 3D animations.  



Our motion graphics designers can single-handedly deliver small animation projects since they have enough skill, experience, and tools to handle every stage of motion graphics for smaller projects. Motion graphics agencies that are short-staffed can hire them on short term contracts.


If your agency has more projects than the hands available and is looking for additional hands to be able to meet deadlines, you can also hire our junior motion graphics designers. Call us to check out our packages.

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